INSPIRATION – Joanna finds inspiration primarily in nature’s organic showcase of leaves, trees and the changing colors of the seasons.




COMPOSING – Joanna carefully chooses the colors that will best reflect her vision for the piece and the colors en vogue for the season.



HAND PAINTING – Hand painting on silk achieves effects unattainable by sketching on paper, as colors blend into each other and create stunning, unique compositions.



STEAMING – Each of Joanna’s scarves are steamed using her proprietary process which has been refined through her years of experience.



SOFTENING – After the piece has been steamed and the colors sealed in the fabric, eco-friendly and organic detergents and gentle softeners are applied to elicit the silk’s incredibly soft, smooth, and luxurious feel.


AIR DRYING – Once the fabric has been meticulously hand-washed, it is again stretched on the silk frames and sun-dried in the fresh Midwestern air outside Joanna’s studio.



HAND SEWING – The naturally dried fabric is hand cut and individually sewn with an Italian serger into the specifications required by each piece, be it a scarf, shawl, or other fashionable item.


FINISHING – The beauty is in the details, and in the perfecting process, the finishing effects complete her works of wearable art.