Photo Credit: Jianna Campbell


Joanna’s first clients were located in Chicago’s River North Design District, where fashion showrooms and sellers representatives who specialized in her type of art quickly became raving fans of her work. After early successes, Joanna expanded her business beyond the boutique showrooms. Now, Joanna’s collections can be found at art galleries across the country.

Notable and returning clients include: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mrs. Michael Jordan and Chicago’s NBC Channel 5 News Team, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

Joanna completed her graduate-level studies in art and architecture in Poland. As a student, Joanna traveled throughout Europe. Her travels and the need to travel lightly inspired to create versatile pieces that can be worn like scarves, shawls, tops, blouses, dresses, and tunics. Always traveling with her easel and sketch board, she refined her design skills drawing in churches, museums, parks and sculptures in these magical, medieval cities. Among the many cities Joanna explored at this time, Paris remains her favorite. Whether it was the magnificent chateaus on the countryside or renowned cathedrals in the medieval cities, the exquisite architecture and sophisticated designs left lasting impressions on her.

After moving to America, she spent years learning and refining her craft with artisan mentors some of whom had also come to America to perfect their art. It wasn’t long before Joanna realized her passion and started her own line of wearable silk art. By 2002, Joanna Alot Design Limited, as it is known today, was in production.




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